Managing Your Telecom Business

Several years ago, telecom was profit center for hotels. By and large those days are gone due to the ubiquitous cell phone. Now, more than ever, the expense side of your telecom department requires meticulous management in order to support the demands of the business while minimizing the cost. HTS enjoys excellent working relationships with National Account Representatives for all tier 1 providers. We not only know what to buy but who to buy it from and how to track the billing to make sure you're getting what you're paying for.

We have managed numerous national roll-outs involving dozens of properties at a time over the past 15 years. From frame relay to MPLS, hundreds of T1's, DS-3's, DSL, and every type of voice circuit. When things break, we know what to do and who to call to get you up and running again in the shortest period of time.

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