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Advanced A/V Solutions

Crafting Customized, Automated, and Integrated Audio/Visual Experiences


Empowering Hospitality and Enhancing Guest Experience Through Advanced A/V Solutions

HTS stands at the forefront of delivering unparalleled A/V solutions tailored specifically for the hospitality business. Our distinction lies in our capability to offer automated and integrated solutions that harmonize seamlessly with other on-premise systems. Driven by state-of-the-art digital technologies, our celebrated offerings – the Ballroom product and the Foreground Music product – redefine guest experiences.

Our Ballroom System is a marvel of technological ingenuity, granting end users intricate control over myriad features, from volume adjustments to advanced audio functionalities, all via an intuitive touchscreen interface. Moreover, it extends its prowess to controlling media servers, thermostat settings, projector lifts, and a holistic integration of lighting systems.

The Foreground Music System elevates ambient music experiences to a whole new level. Rooted in the power of AMX and SoundWeb London products, its standout feature is automated scheduling, ensuring music adjustments are perfectly timed, enhancing the consistency and continuity of the guest experience. The system’s adaptability to fluctuating environmental conditions and ability to be remotely controlled further amplifies its superiority.

What truly sets HTS apart is the breadth of features we offer and the depth of our experience. With years of advanced programming and a vast library of custom programs built through numerous large-scale projects, we are uniquely positioned to tailor our offerings to your precise needs, ensuring that your hospitality business stands unmatched in its A/V offerings.

Why Partner with HTS?

Specialized Expertise

Leveraging advanced A/V technology, HTS crafts unique and immersive digital experiences tailored specifically for the dynamic hospitality sector.

Precision & Quality

Employing cutting-edge design principles and maintaining strict quality standards, HTS ensures our ballroom and background music systems stand out in performance and reliability.

Collaborative Approach

Through a synergy of tech and collaboration, HTS engages closely with partners, ensuring that our A/V solutions integrate seamlessly within each hospitality setting.

Ready to elevate your venue’s A/V experience with cutting-edge technology?

Partner with HTS today and let’s craft an immersive digital journey tailored for your hospitality needs.