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Fiber Optic Cabling

Transmit data faster and further with reliable data transmission and minimal signal loss or interference that only fiber optic networks can provide.


Empowering the Hospitality Industry

In the ever-evolving world of hospitality, seamless communication and, rapid data transmission are pivotal. Fiber optic cabling, with its extraordinary capacity to convey data using the speed of light, emerges as the key to driving excellence in this industry.

Whether you’re confronting a compromised single-mode or multimode fiber cable or looking for adept termination services, HTS stands ready to elevate the connectivity standards of your hospitality venture.

Multi-mode and Single-mode fiber cabling, renowned for their swift and efficient data relays, have become indispensable in expansive hospitality settings such as resorts, hotels, and convention centers. Especially when distances stretch beyond 300 feet from the primary data frame or DMARC. This makes fiber optic cabling an unparalleled choice for communication between an MDF (Main Distribution Frame) and IDF (Intermediate Distribution Frame). Whether connecting guest rooms to a central entertainment system, streamlining operations between kitchens and digital dining platforms, or ensuring that convention centers can handle massive data demands, fiber cabling design and installation by HTS is the answer.

Understanding the unique demands and aesthetics of the hospitality sector, HTS crafts bespoke fiber cabling solutions. Our experienced technicians, equipped with knowledge of the hospitality domain, ensure the installation of single or multi-strand cabling that not only promises robust data transmission but also aligns with the desired look of the establishment.

Diversity in setup and an eye for detail are our hallmarks. We offer an array of fiber cabling types complemented by a vast selection of connector types. With HTS, you don’t just get a connection; you receive a tailored solution, ensuring your guests enjoy impeccable service while your operations run seamlessly in the backdrop.

Why Partner with HTS?

Specialized Expertise

Leveraging years of experience in the hospitality sector, our HTS technicians seamlessly blend technical proficiency with a nuanced understanding of fiber optic cabling requirements unique to the industry.

Precision & Quality

Guided by our unwavering commitment to excellence, our HTS technicians adopt a meticulous approach to fiber optic cabling, ensuring that every installation meets the highest standards of performance and durability crucial for the hospitality industry.

Collaborative Approach

Our team at HTS believes in a holistic partnership, collaborating with hospitality stakeholders to design and implement fiber optic solutions that not only integrate flawlessly but also resonate with the establishment's vision and operational needs.

Experience lightning fast data transmission.

Reach out to HTS today, and let’s explore your Fiber Optic Cabling solutions.