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About us

Explore HTS's legacy in hospitality A/V solutions, our ethos, and dedication to enhancing guest experiences.


Pioneering A/V Excellence in Hospitality

Unparalleled Expertise in A/V Integration:

HTS boasts an extensive legacy in the audio/visual domain of the hospitality sector. We specialize in crafting automated and integrated solutions that harmonize effortlessly with existing systems at your establishment.

Premier Offerings – Ballroom & Foreground Music Products:

Our Ballroom and Foreground Music products stand out, thanks to their foundation in cutting-edge digital technologies. We notably utilize the esteemed SoundWeb London (BSS) series digital audio processors. Additionally, our systems benefit from seamless automation and controls from industry frontrunners like AMX, BSS, and Crown. A distinctive strength of HTS’s offerings is our extensive library of custom programming code, refined over years, driving these systems. This vast experience, drawing from numerous major projects, enables us to tailor our solutions swiftly to your specific needs.

Touchscreen-Controlled Ballroom System:

With this innovative system, users gain control from within each ballroom division, adjusting not just the volume but also settings like compression, equalizer, source selection, and more. Moreover, this system extends control over various amenities like media servers, thermostats, projector mechanisms, retractable screens, and integrated lighting systems.

Foreground Music System – A Class Apart:

Architected with AMX and SoundWeb London products, this system stands out with its unmatched feature set. The touchscreen automation facilitates centralized control for the entire property. You can manage advanced audio functionalities directly from the touch panel, iPad, or remotely—anytime, anywhere. One of its standout features is the automated scheduling. It allows music parameters like volume and source to adapt based on a preset schedule, ensuring a consistent guest experience. The system further enhances audio delivery by integrating automatic gain control and ambient mics, adjusting the sound in real-time based on the source or surrounding noise.

Why Choose HTS?

While other providers might offer similar features, crafting bespoke solutions that truly resonate with the hospitality sector’s demands requires time and nuanced understanding. With HTS, you benefit from mature code developed over years, tailored exclusively for hospitality needs.


Discover unparalleled technical solutions tailored for the hospitality sector.

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